Nahm restaurant review from a Thai perspective

First of all I have to apologise for my broken english, some people are just not meant to write but force themselves into it, and one of them is me since I also made a lot of mistake even in my own language.


All foodie must know “the 50 best restaurant in the world” list and I am sure some of you had gone for it(since you know Nahm, you must). Nahm or น้ำ in Thai mean water but that doesn’t matter, I am not here to tell you about it’s story. Since it is no.22 in the world and no. 7 in Asia, expectation is HIGH undoubtedly.


Thai people actually don’t know about this place. We normally eat Thai food at home or rustic place or side walk(which is normally where you can find real best Thai food) or in a normal restaurant BUT not in a hotel.


However, the food here is real authentic old Thai cuisine and 90% of the dish is really good even for Thai people and I am sure that non-Thai will love it. I could not complain about any dish, it is a real Thai taste with good flavour and nicely present.


Talking about expectation, I was not completely disappointed but if you ask me there will be no second time by my own choice. I was there with my Italian friends and I was a bit embarrass how unprofessional the service was – not asking what we want to drink – left the wine glasses on the table even though they knew that we have no intention to order wine – no explanation of the dishes. I feel like I have to ask for everything, if this is a Thai normal restaurant I would not complain but they have made it to the list so they should have done better. This comment might not be fair because it was just 1 or 2 waitresses on our service, so another waiter might have done a better job.


After that comment I made I will have to tell you about my recent experience at the cave restaurant in south of Italy, it has named one of the most beautiful restaurant in the world. Like any other traveler will do, you go to tripadviser to see what other people say about it before your visit. Half of the comment is good but the other half was horrifying. People was saying that the service was horrible and the food was bad and over price. BUT I went there anyway after reading those reviews.


Turn out that I got a very nice waiter(his second day of work) and 2 dishes were good. One thing that match the expectation is the price, 90 euro for 1 dish and 1 glass of normal wine, other people say “over price” I say “I pay for the view” (see!!! how good service can manipulate me). But beyond the expectation is the beauty of the restaurant and it atmosphere was breed taken.

Service and human relation are very important, it can even play with people mind “good food can be bad food – bad food can be (just a little little bit) better (but at least we will have something nice to say about your restaurant)”. So restauranteur pls pay attend at your employee waiter/waitress, keep the good one around and lose the foolish.

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